who we are

Hi, Marike here. I never thought I would end up a social enterprise owner. I just wanted to do something good for South Africa. We have such a creative, inventive, entrepreneural culture, and given our high unemployment rate, many people rely on their craft to sustain them. But it's hard.

I studied civil engineering and after a few years in the industry, I felt called to start taking a stand for beauty instead of efficiency. Years ago, during my studies I wrote: "If science provides a means for life, art provides a reason." I still think it's true. So I hope that Xhibit gives its customers something with soul, something that makes them smile, a little piece of beauty to call their own. And I hope it gives artists a new opportunity for growth, a new appreciation, a home.

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the case for slow
the case for slow

by Marike Botha January 07, 2021

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everybody loves Lauren
everybody loves Lauren

by Marike Botha December 01, 2020

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have a peek

by Marike Botha August 12, 2020

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our values

Authenticity: we want to promote a world where our employees, providers and customers have the freedom to be their truest selves.

Celebration: we believe in paying attention to the moments, people and things that make life precious.

Inclusivity: we want to honour creatives, access customers and employ people across all borders.

Beauty: we strive facilitate a space that is not only functional but beautiful.

Care: we are committed to putting our heart into all we do.


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