we can't pretend

April 09, 2020

we can't pretend

How do people do it?  Normally?

What we mean is, how do people normally open a website complete with long lists of blog posts, as if they didn't just open their website?

And if they don't, what do they put in the blank space where blog posts are supposed to go?

Also, how are we supposed to choose a "featured image" that perfectly embodies our blog content while adding to the curated image grid while maintaining our brand identity?  (So, penguins: cop-out or creative genius?)

On that train of thought, and because we need to find something to say, we'll be even more honest.  We can't pretend we've been faithfully writing blog posts for the past few months that, by the way, no one would have been able to see.  We also can't pretend we're not writing three posts to fill three blank spots on our website in the week before we launch (but we'll make sure they look nice).  We can't pretend we didn't just launch our shop now, polished as grade 1 school shoes, or that we don't feel as bright-eyed and nervous as we did on our first day of school. 

The truth is that we are utter newbies to the business-owner world, and we figure the only way to gain experience is to actually experience it.  So here we are, business owners.  Officially.  Stamped and sealed.  We want to be honest with ourselves and with you: we will likely have a few bumps in the road, hopefully reach some dream-worthy milestones, and definitely earn some views along the way.

We hope that you will join us as we grow, be honest with us where we fail, and ultimately think of us as family, as fellow Saffas in imperfect pursuit of a better South Africa.


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