the case for slow

January 07, 2021

the case for slow

Here we are, finite beings

Can't escape our mortality

Though we try, adorned in pride

The city dims but she never sleeps

We are all afraid of our dreams

In the night, awake we lie

Here we are, shooting stars

We always thought we'd go so far

Though we try, we fade into night

Then you come and sit with me

My world grows quiet as you speak

A broken man finds his peace

And the world begins to heal

I wrote this on New Year's Eve of 2019, up on the mountain overlooking the seaside town of Scarborough.  Cars blurred into light streaks on the road below, the local bar burst with unnatural colours, a hundred families brimmed in a hundred little (or grand) homes.  All of them were doing something, chasing something, hoping something for the coming new year, and I was oddly aware that life is more fickle than we care to admit.

I couldn't have known that 2020 would be the year we all grow to admit it, the year the robustness of our lives, health, businesses, friendships, wealth, mental health, society and faith would be tested.  And some tests, sadly, failed. For me, at least.  I am more aware than ever of my limitations, my humanness, my lack of control.  But in a good way, because now I can stop trying so hard to control everything in the first place.

My goal for 2021 is to slow down.  To spend my time wisely, intentionally, like the scarce commodity it is, and to say no more often.  No I don't need that new thing, I won't be signing up for that class, I am not changing my diet/TV/job/home.  No, I'm not hurrying off to the next best thing.  No thanks, I'm good.  I am, really, right here and now, where it matters.

But it's a cultural thing, and it's bigger than me.  The whole world is rushing at an unsustainable pace.  Anxiety fuels too many of us.  Social media shows us a thousand things we want and don't have, and meanwhile the earth is breaking.

Here's to saying no to harmful things, and yes to things that fuel life.  I hope Xhibit is life-giving to every single person who visits our site this year, whether as a creative or as a customer.  I hope to facilitate slow, with products that are made intentionally, to last, without harm to the environment.  Happy new year.


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