lament of the lockdown

May 14, 2020

lament of the lockdown

What is it you miss?

For us, it's drinking a morning cappuccino on the beach, laughter around a (non-virtual) circle of friends, and celebrating the mundane and momentous in a manner worthy of the occasion.  It stinks that we couldn't share a bottle of champers after finally launching our dream business, or take our friend out for cheer-up pizza when he got retrenched, or hug our moms on Mother's day.

In short, we miss being there.

There's a lot to navigate in our new normal: the financial uncertainty, the isolation, the health risks.  And then there's the lifestyle change: how do we celebrate?  How do we mark our days, carve moments into them, keep them from blurring into one long slow passage of time?  

One night my husband and I built a Christmas bed in our living room and topped it with all the pillows in the house.  We made pizza and pre-selected the movies.  Another sunny Sunday we had a picnic lunch in the yard, complete with a vase of wild flowers (or weeds, depending on how you look at it) on our blanket.  And it was special, maybe even more so because of the circumstances, because it took conscious effort, because we were telling ourselves that we were worthy of it.

For us the question of navigating lockdown isn't even just personal, it relates to Xhibit, too.  Celebration is, after all, one of our core values.  We're asking ourselves, how can we adapt while staying true to who we are as a company?  How can we meet new needs in a relevant way?  We've been dreaming up what we call "experience boxes", ways to bring celebration home, gifts that can help mark out those big and small occasions we so would like to cherish.  They will be available on our website soon enough. 

But don't wait until then.  Do something different today, even just for an hour.  Something wonderful and completely, utterly, nonessential.


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