have a peek

August 12, 2020


Right now I'm sitting in a garden, drinking exceptional coffee and watching a sunbird flit around a banana tree.  All that while I'm writing this blog, of course: just call me Mrs Multitask.  This may sound very appealing, but about 30 minutes ago I was taking an important business call at my home office when the power went out.  Again.  And because someone stole the batteries off the local signal tower, the cell reception went down, too.  And the only reason I'm actually in this garden at this coffee shop is because I had just rushed here and mumbled a cappuccino order and wifi password request so that I can call my tax consultant and apologise profusely for wasting 20 minutes of our meeting (which I still pay for).  

This happens about 3 times a week and it's one of the great perks of life in the Magoebaskloof mountains.  The locals are proud of it, likely because it wards off over-civilised folk like me.  And it's just one of the many items on the long and frequently recited list of governmental flaws.

There's been a lot of bad news around lately, and I think it's important to also point out - and celebrate - what South Africa does right.  Have you ever heard of the Craft and Design Institute?  The CDI is a government-funded non-profit with the simple and powerful goal of equipping South Africans in the - you guessed it - craft and design industry.  And they are on the ball.  They litter my inbox with business opportunities, incredibly relevant free webinar series, and even coupons to award-winning shows.  This year the iconic Grahamstown Arts Festival moved online, and CDI offered Xhibit a front-row stall at their virtual market.  That's right, we were there.  

But the crown of CDI is their promotion platform, Peek.  It's a simply display of local talent, and it's good enough to put electricity into an otherwise sparkless day.    No, really, have a peek: https://www.peek.org.za/home?s=xhibit.  And give our products a like while you're at it.


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