down the rabbit hole at Wegraakbosch

May 22, 2020

down the rabbit hole at Wegraakbosch

Cheese.  Lauren wanted cheese.  Artisanal, for a cheese board.  Because a dried cracker board isn't all it's cracked up to be. 

Living in Limpopo has its advantages, but only if you're the type to view extreme remoteness as an advantage (I'm still on the fence).  However, there is a handful of others who share this remoteness with me, and it just so happens that one of them is an organic dairy, Wegraakbosch.

So, of course, I went.

Walking into Wegraakbosch is a bit like walking into Wonderland.  It's a scenic, secluded farm in the wild Magoebaskloof, run since 1918 by a charming family who share a passion for preservation.  Their farm is operated entirely by solar energy, their vegetable and dairy production is 100% organic, and their cheese-making techniques date back to a work trip to the Swiss Alps, where the Thompson's learned the art of making cheese without machines.

The tasting room is rustic and blissfully quiet.  The cheese is delicious.  And, as always, it's the people and their authenticity that really make the trip memorable.


By the way, Lauren is my business partner and I wasn't cheese-hunting to tend (exclusively) to her personal cravings.  The cheese board is actually one of her famous Brilliant Ideas for Xhibit.  We thought, hey, South Africans can't travel, can't experience our sassy culture, can't enjoy handcrafted cheese at their local market.  And artisans like Wegraakbosch can't sell their craft the way they used to.  We thought we could connect the dots, put travel in a box, cheer up some Saffas with cheese.  Our idea is to create a cheese-tasting tour, a sunshine picnic, right on the locked-up convenience of your yard - perfect for an anniversary, celebration or just a sunny Sunday picnic.  Watch this space!


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