become a home barista (part 2): the Aeropress

June 02, 2020

become a home barista (part 2): the Aeropress

For this week's blog we have partnered with guest writer, coffee expert and overall wonderful being, Maxine Thiart from First Light Coffee Bar in Jeffreys Bay.  Their freshly roasted single-origins, as used in the tutorials, are available on our shop:

Hello home baristas!
Today we will share our favourite Aeropress recipe. In sharing this, we do acknowledge that there are many ways to approach this as long as you have good coffee reasoning. We will just explain a basic fool proof method that you can then experiment with to get what you would prefer in your cup of coffee. Remember to refer back to the brewing tips that we mentioned previously (found in this blog post: We will be using an inverted Aeropress method.
Why Aeropress?
It's quick, it's easy to clean and travel with and it elicits a clean and flavour-filled cup of coffee.
Grind size: medium to fine (between a french press and moka pot)
Ratio: 1 scoop of coffee (15-18g) per cup
Total brewing time: no more than 2-2:30 minutes
The coffee that we like to use in this method is our Gautemala fully washed Arabica, because it draws out the wonderful chocolate and nut qualities without loosing the silky quality of papaya. We will be giving the guidelines for a single cup.
Step One:
Boil your kettle.  While it settles, rinse your filter paper with the boiled water and set up your Aeropress by inverting it and rinsing the chamber with hot water. Heat your cup.
Step two:
Add your coffee into the chamber. Wet coffee enough to cover and initiate blooming (approximately 60ml). Leave for 30 seconds.
Step three:
In slow rhythmical motions add water to the top of the Aeropress. Use your paddle to agitate the coffee slightly and make sure all coffee is in contact with the water. Leave to stand for 45-60 seconds.
Step four:
Screw on the cap with the filter, tip the Aeropress onto your cup and gently but firmly press down approximately 30 seconds, taking care to stop before you hear the hissing sound towards the end of your press.
 That's it, -a wonderful cup in 2 minutes!


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