3 months of xhibiting

July 27, 2020

3 months of xhibiting

Today marks our three-month-milestone since our mid-lockdown launch.  This is the part where people usually say "time flies", but actually, it feels like time has been mostly snoozing and occasionally getting up to use the loo.  But, hey, that's lockdown for you.

When we started dreaming up Xhibit in August last year, we had no idea that this year would break all the rules we've ever known.  We tentatively worked up the courage to launch a social enterprise and ended up with the guts (or naivety?) to launch one during a global pandemic.   But we're going to make it to 12 months, to three years, to ten years, and one day Lauren and I will one day enjoy a cup of coffee in physical togetherness and laugh about our crazy year one.  

The serendipity of it is that we also could never have known that we would launch an online marketplace at the exact time physical markets become banned or that our vision of supporting artists - and our method for doing so - would come at the time support is most needed.  To me, this is a humbling reminder that I write my plans in sand and any success I gain or good I do, is grace.

And so Xhibit is exactly that, a work of grace.  The first week after our launch was one of the scariest weeks of my life, because for the first time Xhibit wasn't in my hands anymore: it was in yours.  I can design the logo, build the website, stick some digits on a sheet and call them finances, but beyond that we are 100% dependent on the support of our customers, and for that support we are 100% grateful.  Thank you for cheering us on.

Here's to many more months, years and decades of celebrating soul.


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